Our Italian Adventure: The Plan

Back in April (yes, I know, taking my sweet time writing about our epic vacation), Anthony, my brother, Jeremy, and I went on a one week trip to Italy. The spark that ignited the Italian adventure match was the invite to my middle school best friend’s wedding. How can you say no to a wedding in Italy?! And it was going to be my brother’s first time out of the country, so of course he was in. I got the “Save the Date” in November and pretty sure I booked our flight and hotels the next week.

Our original plan was to stay a few days in Milan and then take a train down to Santa Margherita Ligure where the wedding was, hang out a couple of days there and then fly out of Milan… but that’s not how it happened…
My brother came over to our house one day to help establish a plan. We started looking at train tickets to get down to where the wedding was going to be and couldn’t believe how reasonably priced they were. So just for shits and giggles we plugged in a train from SML to Florence… and then Florence to Venice…. and then Venice to Milan…. and alas! our Italian adventure was truly born!


Here is our complete itinerary so you can see just how crazy we were for jam packing everything into one week (6 days technically if you aren’t counting the flying days):

April 19th: Flying day
April 20th: Land in Milan 8:25am
April 21st: Train to Santa Margherita Ligure (arrive at 10:14am), boat to Portofino
April 22nd: Wedding in Camogli, reception in SML
April 23rd: Train to Florence (arrive at 10:35 am)
April 24th: Train to Venice (arrive at 10:35 am) / Train to Milan (depart at 7:50pm)
April 25th: Day in Milan
April 26th: Flying home

For anyone who knows my type-A personality, of course I got a bit overwhelmed… I’d say reasonably so, given that we were on such a time crunch… but would I plan anything differently? Hell no! We got to see and do so much in such a short amount of time and I got to check a number of things off of the old bucket list. It was worth every cuss word muttered (maybe even yelled) and even the boys said it was worth all of the times they wanted to kill me.

Stay tuned as I break down everything we were able to see and do in hopes of helping you plan your own Italian adventure!




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